Blue-Ray Goes Green: Eco-Friendly Entertainment for the 21st Century

In the race to produce better, more efficient and environment-friendly products, Blue Ray has managed to squeeze in a victory by becoming the first facility to boast of earth-friendly manufacturing processes.  It’s entertainment with an eco-friendly twist, thanks to improved production that prioritizes the company’s move to reduce its carbon footprint while maintaining the quality of its products.  Blue Ray goes green and consumers will have plenty more to thank for, not just in the way the company does its business but also in its increasingly eco-conscious product lines.

blue ray

Green Blue Ray
Blue Ray’s initiative actually began in 2008 during the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics event when the company announced its ecology-conscious facility to the public.  This is part of the company’s drive to produce products that will appeal to consumer tastes and remain on the technological cutting edge while promoting the use of enviromentally sound technologies and production practices.  Blue Ray’s first step to prove its point is by taking an old but historical building in Spokane, Washington and re-using it as its plant, thereby eliminating the need to use new construction material by building a new facility.

The eco-friendly facility also enjoys common green technologies that are meant to save energy and use natural resources to power its production lines and run its offices.  This includes electricity sourced from solar panels, rainwater collector and filtering systems, underground tanks for cooling water used during production and the deliberate use of ecologically friendly building materials and product packaging.

The greening of Blue Ray doesn’t stop there.  The company is a strong supporter of organizations that promote environment-friendly activities and causes.

But what about its products?  Suffice it to say that consumers need not be concerned about the quality of Blue Ray’s gadgets.  Sony’s release of its much-touted BDP-S350 player is proof of its focus in promoting and using green technology.  The Blu-ray player is smaller by about half the size of the original player, making the latest model lighter and easier to ship and store.  This in turn reduces the unit’s use of packaging material.  In terms of energy consumption, the Blu-ray player also does not require as much power as older models.

In terms of function, the Blue Ray player powered by green technology has significantly improved features such as quicker disc loading time, better DVD image quality, more efficient energy usage and wider features compatibility.  So who says going green won’t be as entertaining?

image credits to abooth202

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