The Most Important Stuff You Can Do to Keep Your Retail Store Safe

When times are hard, businesses are often the first to get hit.  Not only are sales affected by the buying decisions of  budget-conscious customers, businesses also suffer from the rise in crimes such as theft and pilferage.  Don’t let all your profits go out the door without a fight.  Here are some of the most important things you can do to make your retail store safe and protect your business:

Mind the design and layout of the store
It’s quite surprising how many business owners frequently overlook the most basic things when running a retail store.  One of the very first things you should look at to make your retail store safe is the store layout.

This means assessing the physical structure of the place, the shelving, displays, counters, windows and exit and entrance points to determine which areas are the weakest or most vulnerable.  You can’t, for example, place high-value items on display counters that are difficult to monitor.  If you place them in the back area where very few people go, they are easy target to vandals and thieves.  Design your layout carefully in relation to your goods/products and the number of personnel you have, along with any security or surveillance system already installed.

Be aware of physical safety
Impose safety standards to make your retail store safe.  Be aware of any fire or safety hazards that may be present and correct these immediately.  Simple measures such as installing a lock-and-key system on your doors, placing fire extinguishers at key areas, implementing strict safety handling of dangerous materials or adding more lights will help improve your store’s safety level.

Perform an inventory check
A regular and frequent inventory check of your items will help you keep track of goods that go in and out of your retail store.  This will also help prevent pilferage or theft among staff members and help you ensure the quality of the goods that you’re selling.

Train your personnel
One of the best ways you can make your retail store safe is by ensuring that your sales personnel are aware of their roles and how to protect your products.  They are, after all, your first line of defense.  If they are aware of their roles, they will be more proactive and do their jobs more efficiently, even without constant supervision.

Install a reliable security system
If you’re running a retail business, having a security system is an important step not just to make your retail store safe but also to ensure that your personnel are secure.  Alarms, video cameras, recording devices and the like can serve as a deterrent for would-be violators and have been proven time and again to help prevent crime.

As a business owner, one of your most important concerns is protecting your business.  Find out what you can do to make your retail store secure.


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