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Protect Your Golf Clubs from Thieves and Tampering

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Stores and golf club owners can be target to burglars who know the value of golf clubs. To help you keep your golf clubs secure from these crooks, you need this protective tool – the All Sports Prom Mini security tag.

Right now  Drummond Golf Stores are pushing ahead and protecting their products with the All Sports Pro Mini Security Tag!  It’s available from Brackley Industries.

With this security product, you don’t have to be afraid to display your golf clubs openly in store.


One-Stop-Shop for Your Media Packaging Needs

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It can be difficult for many companies to find an all-in-one store for all their media packaging requirements. They may get their blu-ray cases from one company and then their DVD cases from another. Their game cases from one company and then their lockable cases from another. It can be dizzying to and the least cost-effective ordering from a number of companies instead of just getting them all from just one company.

Brackley Industries would like to help you here. Brackley Industries is a leading distributor of media packaging solutions which include but not limited to; DVD cases, Blu-ray cases, CD cases, games cases, lockable cases and all other media and non-media cases.

We can tailor the most high quality and eco-friendly media packaging solutions for you.  Check out our ONE-STOP-SHOP for all of your media packaging requirements.

Multi-Disc Packaging Solutions for Entertainment Companies’ TV Series and Actor or Genre-Specific Movie Sets

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Entertainment and educational companies who have been producing high-quality media can benefit from top quality multi-disc packaging products.

CD collectors, students, and IT professionals may usually find their CDs in a disarray. To aid them in their endeavour to organize their discs, Multi-disc packaging products are here.

You can choose from a selection of slim, fat, lockable and full printed multi-disc packaging solutions.

They are available in 4 to 10 Disc capacities, either in clear or black. And they are highly suitable for box sets, TV series, and actor or genre specific movie sets. They are also eco-friendly since they are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene.

Check out Brackley-Industries’ Multi-disc packaging solutions

Avatar’s DVD Case is from Brackley Industries

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Although it’s too late to announce it, we’re here to let you know that Brackley Industries won the DVD case contract for Avatar!

Avatar’s DVD version was released worldwide last April 29.  And we’re proud to reiterate that the DVD case that the movie Avatar comes in is from us – the ONE-Time cases.

Here are some more information about our ONE-Time cases.
ONE-Time cases are very strong, high quality cases. They include a lock that can also be removed for those who are not into these locks. These cases are significantly weighing more at 81 grams, while the common ones in the market are more lightweight approx. 55 grams so they’re less durable.

ONE-Time cases are “designer” cases, that’s why the media company behind Avatar chose us. They are not your usual cases. The lock inside is apparently for security which also means that the disc and contents have not been tampered with. For DVD collectors, this means you are the first person to touch the inner case and contents. Fantastic, isn’t it?
Oh, and these cases are also 100% recyclable and made from safe virgin material.

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