Experiential Retail Aides: How to Increase Sales Now That Consumers Prefer Exploring Products Before They Buy

Selling products to customers, particularly gadgets, has become more and more challenging nowadays due to the increasing consumer awareness of their “right to shop.” You can not sell if you just tell them, this product has this and this capability – they have to “experience” that feature personally.

The retail industry has been lucky though because within their reach is a wide variety of technological advancements that will let consumers touch, see, hear and feel first-hand the promised quality. Systems that showcase a product’s feature-rich capabilities can now be utilized not to only increase sales, reduce returns, and prevent loss; they are also very much seamlessly woven into the display features!

Electronics Retail Stores
Electronics retail stores can now allow customers to interact with each product’s feature set while discretely protecting them against tampering and theft with the help of line alarms and security products like the VersaMag and PowerPro. These devices won’t only protect the gadgets from theft but will also help in keeping the products arranged in their place once the customer is done exploring them. With the advent of cellular phones, these mobile phone security products will be of great help to retail stores!

Sporting Goods Stores
Stores and golf club owners can be target to burglars who know the value of golf clubs. To help you keep golf clubs secure from these crooks, golf supply stores can make use of this protective tool – the All Sports Prom Mini security tag.

High-End Clothing Stores
Trendy signature clothes and vintage apparel are easy theft targets. Wise owners of stores selling valuable items would use mechanical solutions such as MerchantGuard for protecting high-end clothing.

These security products remove the barrier between the customer and the item, creating a live and interactive retail environment without giving the thieves any chance.


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