Multi-Disc Packaging Solutions for Entertainment Companies’ TV Series and Actor or Genre-Specific Movie Sets

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Entertainment and educational companies who have been producing high-quality media can benefit from top quality multi-disc packaging products.

CD collectors, students, and IT professionals may usually find their CDs in a disarray. To aid them in their endeavour to organize their discs, Multi-disc packaging products are here.

You can choose from a selection of slim, fat, lockable and full printed multi-disc packaging solutions.

They are available in 4 to 10 Disc capacities, either in clear or black. And they are highly suitable for box sets, TV series, and actor or genre specific movie sets. They are also eco-friendly since they are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene.

Check out Brackley-Industries’ Multi-disc packaging solutions


Avatar’s DVD Case is from Brackley Industries

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Although it’s too late to announce it, we’re here to let you know that Brackley Industries won the DVD case contract for Avatar!

Avatar’s DVD version was released worldwide last April 29.  And we’re proud to reiterate that the DVD case that the movie Avatar comes in is from us – the ONE-Time cases.

Here are some more information about our ONE-Time cases.
ONE-Time cases are very strong, high quality cases. They include a lock that can also be removed for those who are not into these locks. These cases are significantly weighing more at 81 grams, while the common ones in the market are more lightweight approx. 55 grams so they’re less durable.

ONE-Time cases are “designer” cases, that’s why the media company behind Avatar chose us. They are not your usual cases. The lock inside is apparently for security which also means that the disc and contents have not been tampered with. For DVD collectors, this means you are the first person to touch the inner case and contents. Fantastic, isn’t it?
Oh, and these cases are also 100% recyclable and made from safe virgin material.

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The Most Important Stuff You Can Do to Keep Your Retail Store Safe

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When times are hard, businesses are often the first to get hit.  Not only are sales affected by the buying decisions of  budget-conscious customers, businesses also suffer from the rise in crimes such as theft and pilferage.  Don’t let all your profits go out the door without a fight.  Here are some of the most important things you can do to make your retail store safe and protect your business:

Mind the design and layout of the store
It’s quite surprising how many business owners frequently overlook the most basic things when running a retail store.  One of the very first things you should look at to make your retail store safe is the store layout.

This means assessing the physical structure of the place, the shelving, displays, counters, windows and exit and entrance points to determine which areas are the weakest or most vulnerable.  You can’t, for example, place high-value items on display counters that are difficult to monitor.  If you place them in the back area where very few people go, they are easy target to vandals and thieves.  Design your layout carefully in relation to your goods/products and the number of personnel you have, along with any security or surveillance system already installed.

Be aware of physical safety
Impose safety standards to make your retail store safe.  Be aware of any fire or safety hazards that may be present and correct these immediately.  Simple measures such as installing a lock-and-key system on your doors, placing fire extinguishers at key areas, implementing strict safety handling of dangerous materials or adding more lights will help improve your store’s safety level.

Perform an inventory check
A regular and frequent inventory check of your items will help you keep track of goods that go in and out of your retail store.  This will also help prevent pilferage or theft among staff members and help you ensure the quality of the goods that you’re selling.

Train your personnel
One of the best ways you can make your retail store safe is by ensuring that your sales personnel are aware of their roles and how to protect your products.  They are, after all, your first line of defense.  If they are aware of their roles, they will be more proactive and do their jobs more efficiently, even without constant supervision.

Install a reliable security system
If you’re running a retail business, having a security system is an important step not just to make your retail store safe but also to ensure that your personnel are secure.  Alarms, video cameras, recording devices and the like can serve as a deterrent for would-be violators and have been proven time and again to help prevent crime.

As a business owner, one of your most important concerns is protecting your business.  Find out what you can do to make your retail store secure.

Security Tips for Inbound and Outbound Packages

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If your business involves the use and delivery of packages then you need to consider implementing proper security for it. When packages arrive at your customer’s doorstep damaged in any way, this will reflect poorly on your business regardless of whether you’re at fault or not.

Security Tips for Outbound Packages
If you are shipping packages to your customers, here are a number of things you should consider.

Packaging Materials
Always use heavy-duty materials that will be able to protect its content from weather and accidental damage alike. Custom-sized packaging is also ideal and especially if you do not use an inner layer of protective lining for your products. If your products are also exceptionally fragile, having it jostle about inside a too-large package could result into surface damage.

Packaging Method
As with gift wrapping, there’s also an art to packaging your merchandise. Anything made of glass, for instance, is usually wrapped with paper first before placed within an insulated casing and lastly, the packaging box.

Do research for tips if you are unaware of the ideal packaging method for your merchandise.

Secured Shipping
If you are outsourcing your shipping needs then do be sure to choose a reputable company and one that hopefully offers a tracking system for your customers’ convenience. If you are offering door-to-door shipping, make sure that your personnel is sufficiently trained. Documentary proof must always accompany every transaction and every product shipped and received.

Security Tips for Inbound Packages
If you own a gold-buying website then you are probably concerned about inbound packages. In this case, the safety and security of the packages will depend on you and your customer.

To start with, you need to choose packaging materials suitable for protecting jewelries and other valuables. Remember: the quality of jewelries and other similar accessories largely depends on its surface appearance. Your packaging must preserve its pre-selling condition and not detract from it.

Your packaging kit must come with a clear set of instructions on the next customers will take. If you are shouldering shipping expenses then the kit must come with a prepaid return shipping label.

Again, if your shipping needs are to be outsourced, you must choose a reputable company and one that offers a tracking system. This will limit your customer support expenses as well since your customers will direct their concerns to the shipping company.

Lastly, whether inbound or outbound, packages must also be sufficiently insured. Implement these tips and you’ll never have to worry about any package getting lost or damaged.

If you truly want to take care of your business and you are worried about packages getting lost, why not use package security products from Brackley Industries.

Media Packaging Technology – What’s Hot

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Are you having a hard time picking out the best and the hottest packaging for your CDs and DVDs? Thanks to the latest media packaging technology today, you have many options to consider with regard not only to the design but the materials used as well.

Types of Materials Used for Media Packaging
When you’re choosing  materials for your CD or DVD packaging, consider durability and usability.

Jewel Cases
These are the most commonly used type of media packaging since the early 1980’s. They are fairly affordable although there are certainly other types that cost less. These 3-piece casings are made of hard plastic capable of protecting your discs from accidental scratches or even from falling out, thanks to their easy-to-use locking mechanism.

Slimline Cases
These are just like jewel cases, only thinner and naturally more affordable. They are ideal if you are looking for media packaging that will save as much space as possible.

Multi-Disc Cases
These are made from a combination of plastic and glass and able to contain two to six CDs or DVDs. They are best used when it’s especially important to have your discs given or considered as a set or collection. Naturally, the number of discs they’re able to contain make them costlier. One more downside to using multi-disc cases is that even though you are packing multiple discs, you can only use one front and back cover for the entire set.

Clam Shell Cases
These are similar to slimline cases in the sense that they don’t are space-saving and durable. They also come in a variety of colors. They are, however, made entirely of plastic and thus are not transparent enough to warrant the use of holographic and other highly visual designs for their front or back covers.

Paper Sleeves
Paper sleeves may keep your CDs and DVDs from being scratched, but they are not capable of preventing them from falling out nor are they waterproof. On the plus side, they’re the most affordable packaging of all and recyclable. If you want to go green with your packaging, this is what you’re looking for.

Only when you’ve selected the appropriate material for your packaging should you consider the actual design next. It can be purely based on text, graphic, or even both. For graphics, you can have them monochromatic or in color. They can also have a hologram or other kinds of 3D and special visual effects. What’s important is the message it delivers.

Lockable Cases for Your Media Products: Security Devices for Business

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Keep your media products safe by storing them in a lockable case. Such a case can be fortified with security devices as well.

If you are running a business, it can be difficult for you to keep your store safe, even when you are in the store yourself! You could have employees who might be tempted to steal things from you; or you might have clumsy employees who do not watch your customers well enough, so that you have things stolen out from under your nose when all your employees’ backs are turned. Your store could be broken into when you are gone, and you could use all your investments and all your products. This can be especially heartbreaking when you have to deal with media products, like CD packages, multimedia packages, and other computer and electronic devices. These cost money to buy and make, and you will need to recoup your investment if your things get stolen.

However, thanks to technology nowadays, you can get yourself secure cupboards and display cases that will allow you to breathe easily when you have to worry about how safe your products are. Media products need to be kept under lock and key, and they still have to be visible to your customers while you are in the store and introducing these products to them – therefore, you should be able to get lockable cases that are made of glass but that are still secure enough so that you can keep your media products in them even when your store is closed.

There are now several models of lockable cases available. What you might want to consider is a lockable case that is also hooked up to alarm or detector devices. Such devices could go off if the glass is broken, or if the glass doors are forced open instead of unlocked with the right keys. You may need to invest in such technology if you carry a lot of media products. Alternatively, a lockable case without its own alarm can still work, but you have to be aware that a lot of robbers and thieves can be crafty, and anything without an alarm is bait for them.

These are only a few things to consider when you start thinking about lockable cases for your media products. Make sure that you get a model that is secure as it is inviting. Sure, you want to keep the bad guys at bay, but you also want to have an attractive display case that will keep your customers coming back for your products.

Retail Security Products: The Best Out of Professional Installation

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Refrain from a DIY when you want to have retail security products installed. This way, you can make sure that everything is installed safely and that it will work when you need it.

You need your security products to work when you install them. Have a professional do it instead of you doing it on your own.

Security is a big issue for many people, whether they are looking out for their houses or their businesses. In this world of security threats, we are all in need of safety and protection. However, security does not come cheap: if you want to defend yourself, you need to take classes and to practice your moves; you also need to invest in weapons and other things to defend yourself; and you need to put in alarms and detectors in your home or in your place of business. All of these are going to cost money, and you may be tempted to scrimp by either getting poorly made products or by installing expensive products yourself. First of all, get high quality products that will truly defend you when the time comes. Second, although you will save money with your DIY foray into home security installation, you also want it to work in the long run. So unless you’re a security expert, leave the installation to the security mavens.

Why should you be willing to spend on getting a professional to install your security? For one, the best security, whether for the home or office, will not be as simple as hooking something up to an electrical outlet and putting it up on the wall. Home security can be as complex as rewiring some appliances, running wires through different parts of your home or building, and then making sure that the security device has power all the time. You also need to make sure that this power is difficult to shut down, because one set of pliers from an intruder could let you lose everything that you own.

Second, the best security has to actually work. This can be difficult if you wire things wrongly, install the equipment wrong, or simply don’t know what you are doing aside from what the manual tells you. Professionals will know how to troubleshoot the security device at the drop of a hat, while you might be fumbling around the manual until you finally give up and finally call the 1-800 number for help. Don’t wait for this to happen: get a professional to do your security installation.

These are only a few reasons why you should get actual experts to install your home security system. For more information and for ways to contact the experts,  go to a professional security office. You need to keep your home and office safe, so invest.