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One-Stop-Shop for Your Media Packaging Needs

Posted in Media Packaging Solutions with tags , , , , , on May 26, 2010 by retailsecurityproducts

It can be difficult for many companies to find an all-in-one store for all their media packaging requirements. They may get their blu-ray cases from one company and then their DVD cases from another. Their game cases from one company and then their lockable cases from another. It can be dizzying to and the least cost-effective ordering from a number of companies instead of just getting them all from just one company.

Brackley Industries would like to help you here. Brackley Industries is a leading distributor of media packaging solutions which include but not limited to; DVD cases, Blu-ray cases, CD cases, games cases, lockable cases and all other media and non-media cases.

We can tailor the most high quality and eco-friendly media packaging solutions for you.  Check out our ONE-STOP-SHOP for all of your media packaging requirements.


Lockable Cases for Your Media Products: Security Devices for Business

Posted in Retail Security Products with tags , , , on October 6, 2009 by retailsecurityproducts

Keep your media products safe by storing them in a lockable case. Such a case can be fortified with security devices as well.

If you are running a business, it can be difficult for you to keep your store safe, even when you are in the store yourself! You could have employees who might be tempted to steal things from you; or you might have clumsy employees who do not watch your customers well enough, so that you have things stolen out from under your nose when all your employees’ backs are turned. Your store could be broken into when you are gone, and you could use all your investments and all your products. This can be especially heartbreaking when you have to deal with media products, like CD packages, multimedia packages, and other computer and electronic devices. These cost money to buy and make, and you will need to recoup your investment if your things get stolen.

However, thanks to technology nowadays, you can get yourself secure cupboards and display cases that will allow you to breathe easily when you have to worry about how safe your products are. Media products need to be kept under lock and key, and they still have to be visible to your customers while you are in the store and introducing these products to them – therefore, you should be able to get lockable cases that are made of glass but that are still secure enough so that you can keep your media products in them even when your store is closed.

There are now several models of lockable cases available. What you might want to consider is a lockable case that is also hooked up to alarm or detector devices. Such devices could go off if the glass is broken, or if the glass doors are forced open instead of unlocked with the right keys. You may need to invest in such technology if you carry a lot of media products. Alternatively, a lockable case without its own alarm can still work, but you have to be aware that a lot of robbers and thieves can be crafty, and anything without an alarm is bait for them.

These are only a few things to consider when you start thinking about lockable cases for your media products. Make sure that you get a model that is secure as it is inviting. Sure, you want to keep the bad guys at bay, but you also want to have an attractive display case that will keep your customers coming back for your products.