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Need Innovative Merchandising Ideas – Refresh, Repack, Revitalise

Posted in Retail Security Products with tags , , on June 28, 2010 by retailsecurityproducts

Running out of ideas on how to boost sales? Take advantage of the resurgence of interest in retail products by using some innovative merchandising ideas to help bring in more customers and increase your sales. Simply refresh, repack and revitalize your products and services. Here are reasons why these steps work and how they can be utilized:

A new product line or service is always something for customers to be curious about. This is why bringing in new inventory is always a big deal, particularly for retail stores. New products, improved product lines and services and other innovations should always be backed by strong promotion. When used correctly, novelty can work wonders for your sales.

However, you don’t really need to be obliged to come up with new products and services each time you feel your sales slipping. Simply implementing a different visual approach and presentation to your products will help create a fresh new look. Changing the product’s arrangement and location on the sales floor or using new labels and signs to attract customers can drum up more interest.

Packaging is a huge factor in the overall attractiveness of a product. With no prior knowledge regarding an item, customers often judge the quality of the product based on its packaging. How the item is wrapped, the material used to package it along with the text and graphics used to identify the product are all factors that ultimately entice the customer to make a positive buying decision.

An innovative merchandising idea you can use is repacking. Using the same product, you can change the packaging to refresh the brand. You can do this three ways: 1) change or improve the packaging of the product by changing the shape, color, text, type of material used, etc.; 2) use several units of the same product and sell them as a special pack; and 3) use the product and sell it as part of a set along with related products.

No matter how good they are, products can lose their appeal. This, regardless of how well received they were initially. A great way to revive interest among customers is to give the promotion of the product a good boost. Use attractive ads and signages or reintroduce the product to the market through well-written copy.

Consider any weaknesses the product may have, such as a feature that customers ignored or didn’t like, an ingredient that customers complained about or maybe packaging that didn’t get rave reviews. By introducing a product variation that will improve on what worked in the past, you will be able to increase customer awareness of the product and bring in more sales.

Refresh, repack and revitalise your products and services to bring in sales. Find out how these innovative merchandising ideas work. Brackley Industries