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The Importance of Refreshing Retail Space in 2010: How to Bring in Customers and Capture Sales

Posted in Retail Security Products with tags , , on June 26, 2010 by retailsecurityproducts

Success in retail is the direct result of a combination of factors, namely: product quality, customer service, store location, marketing and market appeal.  But stores don’t always enjoy peak sales everyday.  However, with the economy picking up, there is no reason why retail store owners should limit themselves, particularly if they can do something to optimize sales returns.  In 2010, capture sales and bring customers into your store by refreshing your retail space.

Bringing something new
Innovation is critical to progress, especially in the highly competitive world of retail.  Most businesses that exist today have to compete directly with other businesses with similar products.  Without a well-designed marketing plan, it will be easy for your business to drown in the competition.

In 2010, bring in the customers and boost your sales by simply refreshing your retail space.  One of the most common ways to do this is by bringing in new inventory, particularly in the beginning of a season.  When customers, particularly regular ones walk into your store, they want to see something new.  In fact, they will expect this change in your store, especially during certain holidays or months.

Taking advantage of a coming holiday or season can help you plan your incoming inventory, along with the best display methods to use.  When customers expect something, it’s always a good idea to bring it to them and a great way to do this is to offer a product or service that they have never experienced before.

Another effective way of refreshing retail space in 2010 is by improving product presentation.  A lot of thought should be put into how products are displayed, so don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity.  Customers are attracted to something visually pleasant, making the presentation of new products that much more enticing to the senses.  Using different textures, colors, lighting, fabrics, symmetry and positioning can work well for making retail space look fresh.  Even if it’s the same store space you will be working on, simply changing a few key elements will significantly improve the look and feel of the store.

Promoting older inventory
Refreshing your retail space also means making older inventory look like new.  Just because you’re bringing in a new product line does not mean that the value of older inventory is diminished.  Many items in your older inventory could be your bestsellers and could use a little sprucing up to regain their appeal.

When refreshing your retail store in 2010, take advantage of your more familiar inventory.  Change their location, rearrange them, group different types of items to be sold as packs or even move them to your ‘sale’ corner.  Simply changing the packaging, location and prices on your items will help improve how customers respond to them.  Ultimately, this will do a lot to help capture sales.

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